Questions and Answers

  • Question: Will the hack work on my computer?
    Answer: You can test this very easily by downloading the hack before you purchase it. Have the game open first, then open the hack. If you see command prompt open asking for a serial key, it works. If you don't see it or find yourself with an error message, chances are it's not working on your machine. As of now all hacks are tested and working on Windows 7 and Windows 10; if you have any issues on Windows 8 please send a support email so a fix can be made.

  • Question: When I purchase the hack, where is it authorized?
    Answer: After you make your purchase, you will be given a 16 digit serial key. When you open the hack, you will be asked to enter your serial key. The computer you register the serial key on is the only authorized computer. If you would like to switch machines, contact the support email to re-register for free.

  • Question: Will I get banned using this hack?
    Answer: Using any hack there is always a chance you will be banned; a claim otherwise would be false. SilentAim does however go the extra mile by vouching to not modify any game data whatsoever. Everything we provide is external; meaning that drawing is done on a separate invisible overlay, mouse/keyboard is performed natively by Windows, and the game cannot prove that the hack has made any alterations to give you an unfair advantage. With all this said, you can still be banned if a server admin watches you shoot through walls or get suspicious headshots.

  • Question: Are SilentAim hacks detected by VAC?
    Answer: No.

  • Question: If I cancel my subscription, will it instantly cancel my authorization?
    Answer: It will not. Each payment simply adds another 30 days of access to your authorization. For instance you can purchase the subscription, cancel it immediately afterwards, and enjoy 30 days of hacking.

  • Question: Do I need to run these hacks as an administrator?
    Answer: No. We do not require any increased level of access to your machine.

  • Question: Does SilentAim modify/collect any of my information?
    Answer: We do not modify or scan any files on your computer. The information collected includes operating system and version, hardware specifications, and Windows settings such as Aero/Basic. Additionally, ip addresses are recorded. No additional drivers are required, there is no installation, you don't need to run the hack as an administrator, no reboots, and you can even run the hack on a flash drive.