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Full Version: SilentAim: Day of Infamy Hack
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News - 06 December 16

Due to the recent BattlEye anti-cheat and relatively small player base for this game, I've decided to drop support. You may cancel your subscription at any time, but you may not re-subscribe.

Thank you!

[Image: interface.png]

How Aimbot Works:
The Aimbot locks onto the target closest to your crosshair. The lock expires when either the enemy is dead or you deactivate the aimbot. 

If your hack is out of date, you will be informed to download the latest version on the website.
Current Version: 11
Last Update: 13 September 2016

Advanced Information:

-By default, all ESPs are toggled. You will only see the Box ESP (with distance/health information) if you are within a distance of 3,000 of the enemy. This is to prevent screen clutter. You can see enemies past this distance by keeping head esp on, which shows a small crosshair on your screen of where enemy heads are located.