• Issue: ESP/Visuals are not working
    Fix: All of our hacks provided are external, meaning that the visuals you are intended to see are actually not being drawn in-game, but instead on a transparent overlay window. Ensure that your game is not in fullscreen mode. The two supported modes are windowed and windowed borderless. If you would like, put your game in windowed borderless and set it to your screen resolution, it will look similar to fullscreen mode.

  • Issue: I'm receiving error 0xc000007b
    Fix 1: Go to directory "C:\Windows\System32" and "C:\Windows\SysWOW64". Remove any dll files with the name "xinput", and place into a backup folder. For instance:

    After you are done, reinstall DirectX from the official Microsoft website. Reboot your computer after installing.

    Fix 2: If Fix 1 did not work, download and install the .NET Framework from the official Microsoft website. You only need the .NET Framework and not Visual Studio; for instance, ".NET Framework 4.6.2". Reboot after you install.

  • Issue: The hack is eating up lots of CPU
    Fix: Ensure you are running Windows in an Aero theme. This theme provides better use of transparency, which is what the external SilentAim visuals are optimized for.

    Step 1.
    Right-click your desktop and select "Personalize".

    Step 2.
    Select an Aero theme.

    Still having issues? Send a customer support email to pinpoint your exact issues.

  • Issue: The hack takes over mouse control and it can't be moved
    Fix: All SilentAim hacks are completely external to provide you with a decreased chance of a game ban. With this said, your actual mouse is taken over when aimbot is activated. Simply de-activate aimbot or close out of the hack by pressing F11.